SJC Brooklyn

Off-campus Housing

Welcome to the FYRE!
The First-Year Residential Experience at SJC Off-Campus Housing

The FYRE program is designed to help all first-year housing students make a positive transition into living at The St. George Residence. This program focuses on the values of community, service and responsibility.

On move-in day, Aug. 25, you will meet your RAs who will play a key role in helping you to create a positive living environment. As the semester continues, you will take part in workshops specifically designed and tailored to your needs and interests, covering such topics as: healthy eating, positive relationships, stress management and finding a job or internship. Along with the scheduled programs, there are also a number social events spread out through the semester that will further enhance the sense of community with the other members of SJC Off-Campus Housing.

While students are encouraged to attend all of the social events, they are required to attend the orientations, workshops and one of the volunteer shifts.

Important FYRE Dates

Saturday, Aug. 25: Move-In Day/Family Dinner and Resident Parent Orientation

Monday, Aug. 27: Resident Student Orientation/Workshop 1

Wednesday, Aug. 29: New Student Orientation

Thursday, Sept. 20: FYRE Workshop 2(Common Hour)

Thursday, Oct. 11: FYRE Workshop 3 (Common Hour)

Thursday, Nov. 15: Workshop 4(Common Hour)

Tuesday, Dec. 4: FYRE Workshop 5 (Common Hour)

Volunteer Days:

Aug. 30, Sept. 14, Oct. 19 and Nov. 9

More information on how to sign up will be given out at the Resident Student Orientation on Monday, Aug. 27.