SJC Brooklyn

The Housing Team

Paige CsikortosHey y’all, my name is Paige Csikortos and I am originally from Long Island, New York. I am so thrilled to be one of the resident advisors this coming year. I am going into my junior year now as a child study and speech major. Also, I am a member of the child study club, national student speech language hearing association, off-campus housing association, and student athletic advisory committee. I know this may seem like a lot, but the opportunities that these organizations have provided for me have been so beneficial not to just my future career path, but to my own personal life as well. I encourage you all to get involved on campus and take advantage of all St. Joseph’s has to offer, Overall, housing has been a joy and allows me to meet people from all parts of the world since we are surrounded by other college students from a multitude of universities. I feel very safe and I never hesitate to take a walk down to the promenade and take in the beautiful views of the city skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and having an amazing year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at pcsikortos@student.sjcny.edu.

Gabriella FieldingHi everyone, I’m Gabriella (Gabbie for short) and I’m apart of your Off-Campus Housing team! Although, I am not one of your RAs I am the president of the Off-Campus Housing Association ,OCHA, and in charge of organizing events throughout the year to ensure that you are enjoying everything Brooklyn Heights and NYC has to offer! Along with being the president of OCHA, I am also the Student Government Association secretary, a member of the Child Study club, and on the St. Joseph’s softball team! This will be my third year living in the St. George Hotel and it’s been incredible living in such a great building! There’s everything you need around the St. George including restaurants, strips of clothing stores, subways, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even a ferry that can take you right into Manhattan! The biggest challenge of living in housing is not having a food plan (but don’t worry you’ll get use to it very quickly!) Even though, we don’t have a meal plan there’s a great solution as the St. George has a communal kitchen that you and your fellow SJC off-campus housing members can use together! I look forward to meeting you all come August and seeing you all at the OCHA events held throughout the school year! If you have any questions about anything you can email me at gfielding@student.sjcny.edu.

Riley GriffithsHello everyone! My name is Riley Griffiths and I’m one of your Resident Advisors down at housing this year. This year will be my third year living at EHS and my second being an RA. I am from San Diego, California and I am Political Science major. On campus I am apart of the Campus Ministry and Outreach Club and the Off-Campus Housing Association. I am so excited that I get the opportunity to be a resident advisor again this year and that I get to meet all of you. Our goal at housing as resident advisors is to ensure a happy, fun, and supportive environment for all of you. I think one of the most challenging things about living at housing is being away from home, especially if you are coming from out of state. It is already challenging to leave home for the first time but now you are leaving home and you might not necessarily have the option to go back and visit on the weekends like some of the other residents. To overcome this challenge it is helpful to attend events being held, either on campus or at housing, so that you can meet other students and form friendships. Overall, living at housing is such a fun experience and I hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as we do. I can’t wait to meet all of you and see you all at all of the fun events that we have planned for this year! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out at rgriffiths@student.sjcny.edu. Welcome to St. Josephs and enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Victoria PorcasiHey everyone, my name is Victoria Porcasi and I am one of your RA’s at Off Campus Housing. I want to start by saying welcome to St. Joe’s! I am so excited to be your RA this year and for all the fun activities we have planned! A little about myself, I am a senior in the Child Study program with a concentration in Psychology. I am the captain of the Women’s Basketball team and apart of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I have lived in housing for the past three years and have loved every second of it. The location is amazing and everything is very accessible. There is always something to do, whether it’s taking a trip to the city, or going to Brooklyn Bridge Park. My biggest challenge living in housing is not having a food plan. To cope with this, I try to use the communal kitchen as much as my time allows me to. If I am very busy, I usually order student discounted food in the surrounding area. Anyways, enough about me. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out at vporcasi@student.sjcny.edu.

Matt SpiegelHey everyone! My name is Matt, and I’m going to be one of your RA’s at off-campus housing. I am an international student from Germany, and I major in Business Administration and Marketing. I am also the captain of the soccer team. There are a lot of clubs and sports that you can join at St. Joseph’s. I encourage you all to get involved and try something new! When I moved into the St. George Residence exactly three years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. My biggest challenge was the fact that my English wasn’t that great and I didn’t know anybody in NYC. However, by living in the dorms and actively making an effort to connect with others I was able to meet a lot of people and integrate myself quickly. I also became friends with my RA, who helped me whenever I had any questions or just wanted to hang out. Feel free to contact me for both! Whether you want to play sports, video games, go to the gym, explore the city or simply need some advice. Just knock on my door. While living in the dorms, you will notice that there are a lot of students from different schools and countries who hang out in the lounge areas. It’s a great place to make new friends. You are also provide you with a gym membership. It’s amazing and you should definitely take advantage of that, even if you only use the hot tub and sauna. I am sure that you are all excited to move into the St. George Residence and start your first semester at St. Joseph’s. We have a lot of cool activities and events planned for you. My fellow RA’s and I can’t wait to get to know you! Welcome to St. Joseph’s! Email me if you have any questions at mspiegel@student.sjcny.edu